Ed Sheeran’s album back at #1

Ed Sheeran’s Australian Tour tickets sold out

Ed Sheeran’s record – breaking album is back again on top of this week’s Official Albums Chart. The album has come out 3 months ago, and since the release date it came off top of the list only for a week when Harry Styles’ new single was out, but is now back on. Nevertheless, it hasn’t come off Top 2 since the day 1.

Ed is currently working on preparing his 2018 Australia tour. 705.000 tickets were sold out in less than 2 hours. That makes his tour the biggest one in Australian music history. Before Ed’s tour, the leading one was the one of Dire Straits, a cult rock band from the United Kingdom. It’s fun to mention how they only had 90.000 tickets sold during their tour back in 1986.

Ed wants to add more shows

Ed’s new album .-Divide

His promoter, Michael Gudinski, says how Ed wants to add some more shows to the tour. Gudinski thinks there’s no time for that, but Ed really wants to go the extra mile in order to make his fans happy.

They both knew the Tour was gonna be a hit. But, nobody hoped to beat the Dire Straits’ one and become the biggest Tour ever in Australian history. If we factor in the New Zealand tickets, we get to the number of more than 900.000 people who will see Ed Sheeran in the area. In addition to those in Australia itself, Ed is having six shows in NZ.

There are going to be 9 shows in Australia. Perth will have the opportunity to see Ed twice. Sydney is having three concerts during the Grand Tour, and Melbourne holds the record with the sum of four concerts.That’s three concerts more than they originally planned to have, but Ed was determined to add more because of the great interest. All of the shows mentioned above are already sold out.